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Different Today is a Dutch band from the Amsterdam area. The members of Different Today have been making music for over forty years, but they have never been as productive as now.

Ernst van Veenendaal (guitar, bass) and Bob Timman (vocals, keyboard) were born in the late sixties in the same neighbourhood and started making music from an early age. In the seventies Ernst teamed up with Onno Bijker (vocals, guitar, keyboard). During their high school years, Ernst and Onno were already writing and recording their own music. They have never stopped doing so.

In the eighties all three members of Different Today played in several bands with illustrious names as: Da Vinci, Kakelbont, Basic Blue, Four Stroke and Jellydust, in various settings.

Ernst, Onno and Bob had their first cooperation as a three men band in 1994 and they continued their musical friendship ever since. In 2015 they formed a musical collective named BOE! and started composing songs together. That resulted in the release of their first single Christmas Story in 2018. In 2019 they altered their band name into ‘Different Today’ and released their debut album ‘We Are… Different Today’ in November 2019.

In 2023 Different Today released their fourth, but first Dutch-language album, titled ‘Langspeelplaat’. Ernst, Onno and Bob were already writing Dutch songs during the creation of the previous album. That went so well that they decided to make a full Dutch album. Inspired by the music of their youth, including Boudewijn de Groot, Harry Bannink and Robert Long.